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Black merlin and uncertain grebe

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Seen yesterday in Kelowna (central British Columbia) in the morning at Munson pond. Dark falcon that I think is a "black' merlin flew to the water and then back up to a dead tree. Mobbed by three magpies (it was really an interesting morning) but came back several times to the tree. Joined later by a second one. 

Also saw this grebe. There were 2 pied billed and further away this fairly large grebe. At first glance thought horned but the bill was light/yellowish and the eye seemed dark but it was far from me and I had trouble focusing the camera with the shimmering water so wasn't sure about the reddish color. Is this a red-necked grebe? Would be a first sighting.

Thanks in advance. 

DSCN4137 Merlin I think.JPG



DSCN4176 mobbed by magpies.JPG



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Merlin is either a 'tweener or a darker Taiga, as it doesn't look dark enough -- both on upperparts and underparts -- and the bands in the tail are nearly complete (Black usually shows dashed-line bands).



The grebe is a Red-necked Grebe. If a grebe is obviously larger than a Pied-billed, then there are only three options, with two of those having longer bills that are mostly yellow or orange and being entirely white and black on the neck.

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