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Which Vermont warbler?

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1 hour ago, Avery said:

I'm trying to tell if the throat is actually yellow, or if it is a lighting thing. In The Warbler Guide it says that a Connecticut Warbler never has a yellow throat.

Thanks, Avery.  I'm adding two more photos.  I should've included these in the OP.  It appears the throat is not yellow.



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1 hour ago, The Bird Nuts said:

Yeah, probably! ?  But I wouldn't have been able to confirm it without photos because I have zero experience with Connecticuts!

60X vs 10X.  My camera has a lot longer reach than my binos, and that's before engaging the pixelating-but-identifiable optical zoom.  Binos remain my tool of choice but a lot of the time I need the extra reach.

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Congrats to TBN on a bird two states north in Vermont. I have a few minor bits about CONW.

Yellow throat:





Perch location: While CONWs don't do it anywhere near all the time, they do have a habit of perching on relatively thick branches in the understory, exactly as in TBN's photos.





Related to those thick branches, Connecticuts often WALK along them, a feature at odds with most warblers, and one that gets back to Charlie's point about watching the bird.

Mourning Warblers, like Mac Warblers, give me the impression of a round, compact warbler; Connecticut is a long warbler, despite its deep belly. CONWs also have long and very pointed wings, as like Blackpoll, CONW has a fall migration route that includes a significant over-water component. This results in a fairly significant primary projection, notably longer than that of Mourning (see linked photo).

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