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What is it?

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Thanks Michael.

Not being a birder, it took me a while to identify it as a female Audobon's using WhatBird Search -- even with that last photo.

I can usually identify adult males using WhatBird Search, but I'm never confident about females, juveniles or birds with different first/second year plumage.

After I identified it, I was looking back at the other photos of it and wondered if there was enough info in them to ID it, or what could be said at minimum about it.  So I posted that first photo.  I expected the best I would get is that its some kind of warbler, or maybe not even that specific.

I was stunned when MichaelLong  came back fairly quickly and nailed the species.  Then there was agreement, and no dissenting views or other suggestions.  I wondered "how many birds have these people looked at from every possible perspective and stage of life?"  Its a little scary.

But I do want to say that I really appreciate all of the experts on this forum willing to spend their time to comment on all the photos posted.  And its great that everyone is so pleasant and respectful.  Thanks.

Dan P.

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