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These photos are the best samples from a flock of warblers that swarmed trees in my yard for hours today.  The flock included a few confirmed Black-Throated Greens and Black-Throated Blues, but most appeared to be the type that follow... with split eye rings, yellow leading edges on wings, pairs of strong white wing bars, and pinkish-orange feet (when visible).  I'm guessing these are all Blackpolls, but this would be a first for our yard so I thought a sanity check would be wise.  Are these all Blackpolls?












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On 10/10/2020 at 12:23 AM, harpoon659 said:

Black-Throated Greens and Black-Throated Blues

In AOS nomenclature, the letter immediately following a hyphen is not capitalized UNLESS that initial letter is the first of a group name to which the species belongs. Since group names are not part of any "first name" in AOS nomenclature, that means that initial letters after a hyphen in first names are never capitalized.

Black-throated Green Warbler

Black-and-white Warbler

Great Black-backed Gull

Eastern Wood-Pewee -- this species is a member of the pewees (species in the genus Contopus), thus "pewee" is capitalized.

Gray Silky-flycatcher -- since this species is not a flycatcher (it is related to Phainopepla), "flycatcher" is not capitalized

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