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Pine Siskin or House Finch ?

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25 minutes ago, SteveEarsom said:

I think it's pine siskin because it's brown and streaky (light brown with dark brown streaks). Its breast and throat are mainly white, but with brown streaks. And its head is filled with concentrated dark brown feathers. But its most recognizable and characteristic coloration is the yellow accents on the edges of its wings and tail. The yellow patches on its wings and tail are most visible when the bird is in flight. You can also learn some more tips to distinguish pine siskin from house finches.

@SteveEarsom, FYI, this ID discussion is over a year old.  The finch post you commented on earlier today was over 18 months old.  Please avoid reviving posts over a few weeks old, especially if the identification questions have already been resolved.


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2 hours ago, SteveEarsom said:

For me, the most effective method is by looking at their colors, other physical traits, and behavior. The  Pine Siskin and House Finch are very similar in size and flight pattern; it’s hard to tell them apart through those means.

Bruh they aren’t even similar looking and this is an extremely old thread what are you doing

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