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This time of year we pretty much have only Wood Ducks, BBWD, Mallards and Blue-winged Teals (although early migrants do show up, like that Ruddy Duck I had in Lincoln County last week). The apparent proportions of this bird rule out Blue-winged Teal which are smaller and stockier, the wing shape and pattern eliminates Wood Duck and BBWD.

I'd say this is a Mallard, female or eclipse-plumaged male, which can show the strong contrast between the brown belly and pale under wings.

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2 hours ago, MerMaeve said:

Cinnamon Teal?

Actually, upon perusing eBird, Cinnamon Teal would not be as far out as I first thought. The east coast does get a few of these birds. In this case Liam probably has it nailed, but with birding, you never know what you're going to see. We have had a number of strange and cool birds over the last several years including a Western Tanager, Brown Booby, and Mountain Bluebird. A little to the north of us there has been a Great Kiskadee for several years. Cinnamon Teal seems more likely than any of those.

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