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Hawk in Vermont in May

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2 minutes ago, Nighthawk01 said:

I first though Red-tailed, but after looking closer, it’s a young Red-shouldered.

It's definitely not a Red-tailed, but what makes you say RS over BW?

Edit- Sniped again!

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I like BW here due to the pattern of the tail bands (subtle, but I believe it supports BW here) and the breast pattern.  If you look closely, the breast pattern I'm seeing looks like the beginnings of the typical pattern that adult BW show.  It's hard for me to explain, but I'm definitely getting a BW impression here. 

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In Northern New England / Great Lakes, Broad-winged Hawks are quite common - in large areas of contiguous forest, certainly much more numerous than any other buteo - while Red-shouldered Hawks can be fairly difficult to find.

Red-shouldered Hawks are much more common in the south east part of their range and in California.

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