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The first one is a Western Grebe. Notice the red eyes and the black stripe that goes on the eye. This one is in Summer form as you can see the black plumage on the back of the bird. I dunno about the baby duck though, so agree with Akandula on that one.

Second one is a flock of American Coots. All of them are adults in this picture. Note the white on bills and the red just above it.

Looks like a adult female of a Mountain Bluebird, although it may be a juv. Notice on the females the brown on top and white and light blue on very bottom. Males of this type all all blue.

Go with Akandula on the last one as well. It is a song sparrow.



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10 hours ago, Candydez12 said:

No, Common Goldeyes have black bills that are long in thin. The bills on these birds are white with black tips.

I've never heard Common Goldeneye bills described as "long and thin" - and females have orange tips on theirs. 

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