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13 minutes ago, PaulK said:

Back when I was just yea high, I used to...

(Is that a camera artefact or a deformity?)

I think woodcocks have flexible bills that do that, so it acts like a little mouth while the bill is underground 

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Just now, Avery said:

Thanks! I’ll post one in the morning. I started keeping a folder of pics for this on my computer ? 

That's a good idea, keeping a folder just for this! I have to search through a few hundred each time to find one I want to post. I know they're there, but where??!!?? :classic_huh:

Looking forward to your photo!!

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34 minutes ago, Avery said:

Oh shoot. Sorry, forgot to pick. Thanks for bringing it up! @Bird Brain, you also won! @IKLlandHad a VERY close second! 
my personal caption was just: 


Thanks, @Avery I have to admit, though, that my caption was somewhat of a plagiarism from an old Hee-Haw show from 40 or 50 years ago! I also thought that @IKLland had a very good caption. And since I posted the photo to be captioned before this one, if you don't mind I would like to let @IKLland be the winner this time and pick the next one. What say ye?

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