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10 minutes ago, Kevin said:

That photo is funny!

Edit: This is not my caption.

I know! It's like the hybrid has a very high regard of himself, and looks down on the "dumpy old Canada Geese". :classic_laugh: (even though one of his parents was probably a canada)

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4 minutes ago, Seanbirds said:

Guess ya sniped me! :classic_laugh: I didn't think anyone was going to be on today, with it being Thanksgiving and all. Glad your'e here! :classic_wink:

Yeah, not much traffic this mourning.

In about half an hour we are going to leave to eat the best oven fried chicken you ever have ate. My grandfather makes it, he puts it in about an inch of oil, and turns it about every five minutes. By the time is is done it is the best meal I will eat all year. And of course the is the mashed potatoes that are 25 percent butter, and the fruit salad...

Now that your mouth is watering, how long till lunch?

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