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@xpoetmarcr's caption felt like a Far Side comic.  And I love it.  You win!

As if one foot makes a difference.  The question implies they are in the middle of water but they are on a branch, making you wonder what is below them out of frame.  Ridiculous

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1 hour ago, Bird Brain said:

Thank you, @xpoetmarcr 

Caption this.



The Three Legged Crane was bred for racing on land but the experiment was deemed a failure when the scientists forgot to clip the prized bird's wings and it flew away before the big race even started.

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36 minutes ago, Bird Brain said:

OK, time to pick. The winner is @Kevin ! All were good, but I got the biggest laugh from Regan's three-legged chicken joke. I hadn't seen that in many, many years! 

Your turn to pick the next one, Kevin.

Thank you!

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2 hours ago, Kevin said:


This guy? I assume its the same one I've seen hanging out here all summer.  I honestly don't know, though.  They all look the same to me.  It don't talk much either.

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