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What Grebe ?

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Taken 10-12-2020 in the late afternoon at Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve in Van Nuys, CA.

The first 3 photos were taken in the same sequence.  1 and 2 are definitely one and the same bird.  The last 3 photos were taken about 15 minutes later, from the same place and pointing the same direction, and definitely a single bird. 

I believe the Grebe in the first 2 photos is the same bird as the one in the last 3 photos.  If I remember correctly there was only one adult Grebe in the area.  I threw in the 3rd photo to see if it is a juvenile Grebe.  The gull was in all 6 photos before cropping.

If I only had photos 1 and 5, I would think it was a Clark's Grebe.  But the other photos suggest a Western Grebe.  Although it could have have characteristics of both.  Maybe a hybrid?

What's the story here?  It is just the effect of the lighting giving me problems?







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My guess is

1,2,4,5,6: Western Grebe. Lores look too dark to be Clark's. Edit: I think the lores look lighter in photos 1 and 5 because of lighting. 

3: Eared grebe. Neck looks too skinny, cheeks seem too dark to be Horned grebe.

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