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Hermit thrush? And... ?

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I snapped this bird (or birds) in my backyard today in suburban northern NJ.  Do the first three photos show a Hermit thrush?  And I also got the fourth phot of a similarly-sized songbird in flight – unfortunately before I had the chance to change my camera settings, and thus the picture shows largely a blur.  It’s in the same vicinity, but since I was watching multiple birds at the time, I can’t be sure whether this was the same individual or not.  My first guess would probably be Carolina wren, but of course I’m eager for input from other birders.  Thanks!




***Wherever you are in the world, I wish my fellow birders (and EVERYONE) continued health and safety in this present time of uncertainty.  Be well… ***






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3 minutes ago, Aidan B said:

1st bird, hermit thrush

2nd bird, not certain, but looks like a hermit thrush with that tail.


3 minutes ago, Connor Cochrane said:

1-3 is hermit thrush. 
4 just a guess, but maybe a palm warbler? Edit: it could be HETH


Thanks.  I had seen a Palm Warbler in the yard just a few minutes earlier, so that is a distinct possibility.  I'll wait and see if I get any additional opinions.



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