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Snapped these two birds soaring high above my yard today in suburban northern NJ.  My instincts want to believe they’re both raptors, although the first [white] bird doesn’t seem to fit any species profiles that I’m familiar with.  I almost wonder, with what looks like a longish beak, if it isn’t a Laughing gull.  The second bird, seem soaring together with the first, struck me at first as an Osprey.  Althoug now I’m definitely having second thoughts.  Sorry, I know better photo quality would make things easier; but these birds were quite high, and I’m not known for having the steadiest hands – especially when it comes to long zooms.  Thanks, in advance, to anyone who can offer input!




***Wherever you are in the world, I wish my fellow birders (and EVERYONE) continued health and safety in this present time of uncertainty.  Be well… ***









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6 minutes ago, Connor Cochrane said:

Both are gulls. First one might be Herring. 


3 minutes ago, Aidan B said:

Agree they are both gulls, not sure if they can be identified.

OK, thanks.  Would make sense why they're [sort of] together.

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