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Western v. Semipalmated Sandpipers

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Someone from out of the territory who I have no idea who is, commented on one or my ebird submissions.   They said that a Western can't have any webbing between the toes.  "Stokes" says for both Western and Semipalmated Sandpipers, that they can have webbing between the middle and outer toe.  Is "Stokes" wrong?  Is this an accidental mistake?

Person also said that most of our peeps are Least, fewer Semipalmated, and few Western.  I certainly don't see that.


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Thanks!  I wasn't certain on the particular bird.  Thought it was the same one that certainly had chevron-shaped spots in another picture.  But wondered if "Stokes" was clearly wrong.  I really like it and also use Sibley.  Sibley didn't mention webbing.

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