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Shorebirds on Sapelo Island, GA

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I'm pretty sure of the two plovers here, the others not so much.  I think the first is a Black Bellied Plover, and the other plover a Piping.  The two gulls, I do not know.  The one gull was particularly large.   One is maybe a Marbled Godwit?  The most confusing picture to me is the one with the many birds on the sandbar.  Are those Black Bellied Plovers too?







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1 hour ago, blackburnian said:

I don’t see any Red Knot in the last photo. I see a probable Dunlin and a Dowitcher. 

I agree with this, I think I was incorrect.

There is two more birds I believe are not plover, the first is on the left of the dunlin, and the second is to the right of the dunlin, behind the four plovers.

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The first gull -- the big one -- is a Lesser Black-backed.


1 hour ago, Aidan B said:

second is to the right of the dunlin

I could see that one being a REKN, but I wouldn't want to ID it as such without at least a little more of the bird visible. The one to the left is, in my mind, even more uncertain, although, again, I could see it being one.

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