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There were a number of sparrows feeding on the ground near a small lake in Sidney, Nebraska the evening of Sept. 21. Chipping Sparrows were present but also a few with streaked breasts. The eBird site suggests those with streaked breasts might be Song, Vesper, Savannah, or Lincoln. I have ruled out Lincoln and Savannah due to duller coloration of the subjects shown in attached photos. I could be wrong of course but am wondering if these are Vesper or Song or other? I did not detect the dark streaking and center breast spot normal with Song Sparrows but these could be immature? Subject in first three (3) photos appeared to have some white in outer tail feathers and hints of white eye ring.  Any ideas or pointers would be appreciated. As always, thank you!







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Your bird's wings are too long for Song, Vesper, Savannah, and Lincoln's, whose wing tips barely extend beyond the tertial tips (a feature called primary projection or primary extension), if they extend at all. Additionally, the tail is too narrow for all four of those species and is too long for all but Song. Shape and structure are often much more reliable ID features than is plumage, particularly in tricky groups such as sparrows.

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