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Which goose flock?

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Take just west of  Indianapolis on 10/21. I was 15A4F6D3-1AD8-4017-9999-7A1FB8C46AD1.thumb.jpeg.e34e6488d8963e5d6d62be0063deacd1.jpegJust about to go into a store and saw this flock flying over. What drew me to look up was an odd sounding call. It didn’t sound like a Canada goose call but I could be wrong, since I wasn’t expecting it. Snapped a quick shot with my phone not sure if because the distance and low quality  but the head/neck look smaller than I would expect. Also the 2nd and 3rd from the top look small. Can anyone get a positive ID. 


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12 minutes ago, BirdNrd said:

What about Ibis?

Not in Indianapolis. Pelicans might also be a reasonable guess from the photo alone, but OP mentioned hearing the birds, and the shape of the flock is more reminiscent of Sandhill Cranes.

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