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All photos taken within the past week.

1) It looks like a Glaucous-winged Gull, but it has a lot of black on its beak. It definitely has grey wing tips, not black. I can't figure out what color its eyes are. Maybe a hybrid?



2) I assumed this was a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, but I would like to double check this one.


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Just now, The Bird Nuts said:

Thick bill, pale supraloral, and gray toes on #2 - looks better for a Hutton's Vireo.

You're right. I should refrain from commenting on birds I haven't seen 😆.

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6 minutes ago, Colton V said:

Hutton's is a lifer. Problem is I can't remember where or when I took this photo! I just know it was sometime this week in my city.

Does your camera automatically add timestamps into the data for the picture? That is what I use to determine date and time, and it is helpful for location.

Weird thing to be sniped on

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