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Red tailed or red shouldered hawk?

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I'm thinking Red-tail.  Eastern Red-tails don't have decidedly dark patagials, and at this angle we don't get a good look at the leading edge.  The underwing pattern is right for a Red-tail, including a sort of large trapezoidal light patch inboard from the tip; Red-shoulders have a crescent.  Soaring with the wing-tips splayed upwards is also a RT characteristic  There is evidence of a Red-tail's black-spotted "belly-band"; adult Red-shoulder would have brick-colored barring. Above all, a Red-shoulder's underwing would be checkered.

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6 hours ago, mike94703 said:

Soaring with the wing-tips splayed upwards

The bird is not soaring, but gliding and flapping. The extent of black in the wing tip is good for Red-shouldered and minimal for Red-tailed. It also lacks Red-tailed's obvious black wrist comma and the bases of the primaries are not translucent. See linked pix, below, for variation in appearance of primaries window in Red-shouldered

Juv RSHA - pic 1 of individual

Juv RSHA - pic 2 of individual


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