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White-crowned Sparrow Subspecies Gallery

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- Pale Lores

- Orange-billed

-Chestnut edges to inner greater coverts & tertials

-Grayish Overall

-Long Primary Projection

-Back with White Chevrons on it



-Pale Lores

-Yellow Bill

-Short Primary Projection

-Brown Spots at back of dark crown

-Low contrast long striped back


Puget Sound

-Pale Lores

-Yellow Bill

-Long Primary Projection

-Contrasty Long Back Stripes



Like Gambel's but with:

-Pink Bill

-Dark Lores


Telling apart Eastern and Mountain.

Very hard to tell. 

Mountain (oriantha) WCSP Generally have Darker bills, lores and a bigger bill. Songs and calls differ. Immatures of oriantha also have a slightly darker forehead and crown stripes. 

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