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We used to have a thread something like this, where we would post not-so-good photos (as many of mine are!) and see who can ID the bird. I think we would leave it up for about 24 hours, or until someone correctly IDed (or guessed) what bird it is. I'll start with one I took today. After it is IDed, then anyone who wants to can post one for ID guessing. When one is posted, everyone else please wait until that bird is IDed before posting a new one. You may post one or more photos of the bird to be IDed. In this first one I'm posting 2 photos of the bird in question.

EDIT: I forgot to add, taken today in Sacramento, Calif. Please include this info on all photos posted.

Here goes....

50521205008_819716a5b2_z.jpgIMG_2866 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr

50521929591_eb476ddfe0_z.jpgIMG_2865 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr


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2 hours ago, Connor Cochrane said:

Strong eyeline. Looks like red breasted. 


2 hours ago, BlueJay said:

I agree with Red-breasted Nuthatch.

That was fast!! Yep, Red-breasted Nuthatch it is. I first saw this one (or one just like it) in my yard a couple of weeks ago, and it was a new yard bird for me. Anyone else have a challenge to post?

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