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23 hours ago, MerMaeve said:

Bye guys!! My family is renting a cottage near Mancelona MI. (Starvation lake) I'm leaving Sunday and getting back Sunday.

Actually......I’m checking from my Moms phone!! So not gone! ?

IDK if the cottage has a computer but I doubt it. It has cable though=Fixer Upper! (We don’t have cable)

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10 hours ago, Nighthawk01 said:

The best part about the Roosevelt Arch in Yellowstone is the fact that a flock of Cliff Swallows and, because there has to be at least one EVERYWHERE, a few House Sparrows, use it as a nesting site.

Just to prove you wrong, I have not seen or heard a House Sparrow all week!  ? Which is extremely nice!! 

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2 minutes ago, Nighthawk01 said:

Someone should round up all of the starlings and House Sparrows and take them back to Eurasia where they belong.

Agreed!!  I’ll pay for the travel expenses, and you get ALL of the EUSTs and HOSPs. 

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9 hours ago, MerMaeve said:

? I'm sorry!  Horse camps start tomorrow for me!  One week, first time.

Just curious, how did you go 100 miles in 2 hours?

Hmmm? . Let's just fix that and move on... 

EDIT: I have it down as 4 hours but I think you saw my party of 2 thing. 

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