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9 hours ago, BirdNrd said:

Getting my second shot tomorrow.

Hmm, I thought you were more of a photographer than that…

9 hours ago, BirdNrd said:

Hopefully I don't get too sick because I didn't have a reaction to the first one.

Never got sick from any of my photos… ?


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8 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

Watch out when you hit 50.  That second shingles shot is a bear

My wife would love to get that about now - down with the shingles for the third time so far this year and she's more than 20 years short of being able to get the vaccine. ?

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17 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

Jan 22, 2021 - Dear Diary, today I learned there's more than one town named 'Vancouver'!  Not only is there one in BC, there's one in WA too!  So exciting!!!

Also, Brenda Lorens said Jimmy Winslow kissed her yesterday.

We don't say eh or zed like they do in third world countries ?

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5 hours ago, Aaron said:

 I think we need to go teach this guy a lesson…. 


2 hours ago, PaulK said:

Safe for now, but when they open the highways back up...

Planning my first road trip into the US now the borders are open again but not quite that far!!

I just rely on our spelling irritating our southern neighbours, eh Aaron ?.

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