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On 4/4/2022 at 8:39 PM, Connor Cochrane said:

Finally got my drivers permit last week (one of the last people in my grade at school to do so), but unfortunately haven't been able to use it since I've been really sick for the last week and have been stuck in bed.

Congrats man! I know I'm not the latest bloomer here in regards to what age I got my permit and subsequently my license, (I'm 19, got a permit when I was 18. Got NY license on my 19th birthday. So it's been about two months with it) but don't compare yourself to others. Be proud you've taken the step and got the permit. Feel better soon! 

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16 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

My niece and nephew-in-law were visiting several years ago.  I completely forgot they were parked in the driveway, backed out of the garage, and scraped the entire passenger side of their new minivan with my beater Ranger.  They were cool about it, and were impressed with the speed of the insurance settlement.

The worst part was I had just put insurance on it a day or two before and then had to call my agent and begin the conversation by asking if she had ever felt like a complete idiot :classic_mellow:  And then I ended up paying a good many thousands out of pocket because yes, they would cover it but it would be reported as an at fault moving accident on my commercial driving record ?.

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50 minutes ago, Quiscalus quiscula said:

Okay, sure! The warblers are still in stock, so I should have enough to send to both of you.

Quit stealing my business!!!!!!


Ummm you get nothing for Mallard......Maybe a House Sparrow

12 hours ago, IKLland said:

How about a Mallard?I don’t want to give up my specialties.?

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