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After a week of lows of -33c (-27f) and highs of -26c (-15f) (windchill values of -41c (-42f) and below) today is our last day of extreme cold and it will actually be 3c (37f) tomorrow! So people will probably be out wearing t-shirts and shorts and I’m not even kidding.

The birds finished their first 16kg bag of BOSS yesterday, I was expecting it to last until the new year, but they definitely needed it this week. 
I guess whatever weather system I had here is what you guys are now getting.

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The temps here haven't been too bad, -10C, but the wind chill has been making it feel like -25C. The snow has been coming down pretty steady but it's impossible to tell how much we've gotten. The snow has been blowing across the fields and yard so much that when I look out the front door I still see the grass in the front yard.



That's when the wind dies down enough that I can actually see the yard.



When I look out the back window though, I see a snow drift that looks to be 3 feet high, if not more. 


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On 12/22/2022 at 10:56 AM, Kevin said:

It has been snowing this morning! This is the closest thing to a white Christmas I have ever seen. Mom said once we had a year it snowed on Christmas eve, and there was still snow the next day. It normally only snows about every 3 years, and that will be in late Jan. or in Feb...in other words it never snows this close to Christmas, so it's pretty exciting!

Out the kitchen window:


Are ya having that white Christmas @Kevin?

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