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2 hours ago, Birds are cool said:

My parents and I butchered our first goat today! Took about 3 hours to get everything in the cooler. We got around 50lbs of meat from the goat!


Nice! I'd be interested to know how the meat is. I'd like to do them, but we are pretty well maxed out on animals for property, and we don't have goat fencing. 

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I had goat a couple of times at a Mexican restaurant here in SC.  I thought it was a tiny bit chewier than beef, with a milder flavor.  Mom mentioned her father loved it.

A couple of guys in my National Guard unit did rattlesnake when one wandered into our tent in SoCal.  I missed out on that.  Based on the couple of places I've had alligator, it's way over rated.  It's usually tail meat cut into nuggets, battered and fried.  Maybe it's just the places I've had it but all I got was some chewy meat that tasted like nothing except the batter.  It's probably a decent source of protein but it wouldn't be my first choice.

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