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Hi all

Had this visitor in Nunn, CO yard during our great snowstorm over the weekend. On initial spot thought Red-winged Blackbird- then saw eye color and missing wing patch. Then I thought hmmm Brewer's Blackbird--though didn't see any "purplish gloss to head" (light?). What else I thought, Rusty Blackbird-did not look like a winterized Rusty--but did look similar to a breeding male in color. Thoughts? ID? Thanks Gary









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1 hour ago, Colorado Birder said:

Hi all

What guided you to Brewer's Blackbird decision? Thanks Gary

Well, I'm not experienced with Rusty Blackbirds so this could be one. But I think it's a Brewer's Blackbird because a nonbreeding Rusty would have a lot of markings on it, while this bird is nearly pure black. I'm not sure if a Rusty Blackbird would still be in its breeding plumage this time of year. Edit: Also I think Brewer's would be more likely in your area.

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