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@Aaron I have to say I'm at a loss to find a bird in the last two photos.

I had zoomed in quite close on the third  photo and was scanning every inch, when I found it, or so I thought. but when I lowered the zoom to see more of the photo, it was nothing but tree trunk.?

So any way I still haven't found a bird in the last two photos.


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14 minutes ago, Aaron said:

Ha yup, that was my lifer photo for a Red-naped sapsucker. I’ve since managed to get a better one 

I think the other photo is a bit too compressed to be able to see it so I cropped it a bit more so maybe it will be easier  8FFA645C-8C71-42C1-9C99-8B591E5614A5.thumb.jpeg.cfe8e2b3fba564d13050f49522763f54.jpeg

I've a\had it since the first one, it wasn't too hard.

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Find the Canada Goose! Extra points if you find the Ross's that I know was hiding somewhere in the flock. Other people saw it, but I missed it. Oh well, I'll just have to go back!

Sorry for the dark photo, it was an overcast morning. 


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