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A Grebe but which one

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19 hours ago, Seanbirds said:

You don't have to call him mister Cochrane. He's only fourteen. :classic_laugh:


18 hours ago, Colton V said:

Everyone is deserving of a title in front of their name no matter their age, 🤪

Around here it is common curtsy to say yes sir, No mam, Dr. and the like.

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2 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

I identify as 'Grand High Poobah, Lord of the Out Realms, Duke of Mayonnaise, Chief Filler of Feeders, Replenisher of Baths, Guardian of Salty Snax'.  My preferred pronouns are unpronounceable with your five-vowel limitation. 

Please use it when appropriate.


1 hour ago, Aveschapines said:

From now on I expect to be called Her Highness, Aveschapines 😆

Will do. :classic_laugh:

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