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blackbirds and finch, Sacramento, California

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Taken yesterday

Are these tricolored blackbirds or redwing. It should be fairly easy but the low light made the pictures a bit weird. 925731236_RSCN1562_10-28-202007-35.thumb.JPG.cbb11c230fafa63a3c7610779a0a7ebf.JPG87421703_RSCN1563_10-28-202007-38.thumb.JPG.2675572ebc7e5a1a0b5621a9420a2732.JPG1610084707_RSCN1564_10-28-202007-38.thumb.JPG.310c3f21c24bb95f869a9806f6e51b57.JPG

is this a house finch or a purple finch? It was with a flock of purple finches but the undertail covets have more streaking than I would expect for a purple finch. 


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1 hour ago, The Bird Nuts said:

are European Starlings in with the blackbirds in the first shot

In fact, there seem to be only two blackbirds in that first pic, both seeming to be referable to Agelaius. I'll leave the Red-winged/Tricolored dichotomy to someone with much more experience than I have with that duo.

Edit: I forgot about the finch. Certainly referable to Haemorhous, but the odd photo angle makes being sure of the  tail's length a bit problematic. However, I'd guess House.

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