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Haunted Bird Feeder?

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21 minutes ago, Kerri said:

On allaboutbirds the Barred Owl sounds way different to me ? https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Barred_Owl/

This is probably because that owl was not doing to "normal" song. Barred Owls have a lot of variation in their calls. Plus, that recording was probably taken within 10 feet of the bird, so the sound didn't have a chance to echo and reverberate through the trees, like we are used to hearing.

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10 hours ago, Aaron said:

They have that distinctive call that many people recognize as “who cooks for you” “who cooks for you all” 


That's " who cooks for y'all ".  Northeastern birds sound like " who cooks for youse guys "; Canadian ones " who cooks for you, eh? "; Midwestern ones " who cooks, you betcha "

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