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Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher vs Acadian

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Hello all,


This bird has been causing Florida eBird reviewers some difficulty, for even after almost a week, it is still unconfirmed. Many people saw this flycatcher, and some reported hearing the distinct call; however, I did not hear the call. Most people are in agreement though that it is a yellow-bellied flycatcher. The belly doesn't look as yellow as some photos, but it may just be a juvenile.

I'm not sure if habitat matters, but it was in a heavily shaded riparian creek actively flycatching.

Any food for thought on this tricky ID?

Flycatcher sp (1).JPG

Flycatcher sp (2).JPG


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I'm rather surprised that the bird's ID is being contested- this is quite clearly an Acadian Flycatcher. The GISS is completely wrong for Yellow-bellied, which tends to have an overall structural impression similar to Least. Even the bill alone should be enough to eliminate Yellow-bellied-- that thing is huge!


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