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Bird Drawing Contest!

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2 minutes ago, Quiscalus quiscula said:

They are HARD to draw! I need to color mine in now, I might try paint. Probably will be finished tomorrow. 

I first tried colored pencil on black paper, but didn't like the result. My entry is acrylic paint on Strathmore acrylic paper - linen finish. I had never used it be for but it seems nice.

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A few coincidences occurred recently:

1. I took a very grainy, distant photo of a cute bluebird perched on the side of a tree, in the fog. (See profile pic.)

2. The next bird to draw happened to be the Eastern Bluebird.

3. I joined Whatbird with Sialia sialis as my username.

Therefore... I just had to draw one and enter it! Maybe it's cheating a bit because I don't have to draw a tail or feet... but... here it is!


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