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Bird Drawing Contest!

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2 hours ago, PalmWarbler said:

OK, if no one else is entering, then I pick @Tanager 101! I like how the bird pops out on the canvas, and I like all the flowers too. Good job and honorable mention to @The Bird Nuts (with a seriously amazing entry)!

?Thanks! you didn't have to pick me though The Bird Nuts is way better. I don't know if it has been done yet, but if it hasn't lets do Red Crossbill. It's a species I really want to see and possibly have but wasn't able to confirm. Try to have it in by the 30th please.

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Just now, Seanbirds said:

It's very good, if you can actually get out to chase stuff, unlike me... ?

I haven't chased before either, as I'm sure you know. Nothing interesting has been seen in my county for a long time, though. The most interesting thing was a Peregrine Falcon which I haven't seen before, but it was just a random incidental in a city.

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7 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

Thank you so much!  Patience is part of it.  I build up many layers slowly.

Yeah I paint too. I spent like 48 hours on one of my paintings. I still just can't get my birds even close to as amazing as you do. I am just amazed (?and maybe slightly jealous) at how amazing those are!

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