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Bird Drawing Contest!

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On 11/11/2020 at 12:53 PM, The Bird Nuts said:

Okay, here's my doodle robin.  I...drew it too big and went off the page... ☹️



On 11/11/2020 at 3:20 PM, Colton V said:

Well, I tried to color this with water color paint but since I’m horrible with water color, I messed up and smeared everywhere... good thing I took a photo before I started painting it. 



On 11/11/2020 at 6:44 PM, HamRHead said:


Wow great pictures everyone! ? 

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8 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

Are we still doing this?  I wanna draw some birds!  And see everyone else's drawings too.  Like I said, this kind of thing gets me motivated to practice and draw in my sketchbook more often.

I requested a set of watercolors for Christmas. I have no experience with them but I like that look, so if somebody comes through for me :classic_laugh: I'd like to give it a try.

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