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6 minutes ago, Seanbirds said:

Isn't that a fine description of most jays? :classic_laugh:

Not Blue Jays, around here anyway. You can't get within a half mile of one around here.

Well maybe not quiet half a mile... but pretty close to it.

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14 hours ago, Bird Brain said:

Awesome shot!!

Thank you! There is a kind of cool (to me any way) story behind the photo. It is a moment in time I will never forget. I have several of those related to birding. Such a cool hobby!

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20 hours ago, Kevin said:


I use to go to an off leash dog park regularly with my dogs. I use to bird while I was there always with my camera but not binoculars. Birding was generally better than you might imagine but I had never seen an owl until this day. This owl was perched on a tree about 15 feet off the ground and about 15 feet from the raised bank of the stream that flowed through the dog park. Putting it at eye level with me standing on the bank. Dogs were playing in the water below completely oblivious to the owl above. The owl amused itself watching the dogs below. All the dogs were too large for the owl to consider as food so it seemed to be watching just for fun. I stood there photographing the owl for sometime and it was still there when we left. Below is a shot where you can tell it is looking down at the dogs playing below. Like I said a cool story to me at least. At this point I had seen numerous Great-horned Owls but never this close and never looking like they were just having a good time. This was also in broad day light.


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35 minutes ago, Kevin said:

The ugliest headed Wood Stork in the world!

Oh, that explains it. I was wondering if it was a real bird or one made of wood. :classic_laugh::classic_laugh:


I know it's a Wood Stork, but it sure looks like a wood stork.

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