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Nikon P950 vs Canon SX70; also, 'International'?

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17 minutes ago, lonestranger said:

I don't know what I was thinking, that should read  35mm equivalent, not 25mm.

I should have also added that equal length lenses will also have different focal lengths depending on the sensor size. A full frame DSLR with a 400mm lens will only give you 400mm focal length, a Canon crop body DSLR with the same 400mm lens will give you a focal length of 640mm using the 35mm equivalent, 400x1.6=640. If you could put that same 400mm lens on a P&S with a 5.6 crop factor, your focal length would be significantly longer, 400x5.6=2240mm in the 35mm equivalent. I hope that helps explain why the larger sensor of the RX-10 works against the 25x zoom magnification when comparing it to the P950..

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I am curious @Charlie Spencer, did you get your new camera for Christmas? If so, what did you finally decide on, the P950? How's the manual focus working for you, is it what you were hoping for as far as ease of use goes? Let us know your first impressions, good and bad. I know you haven't had it long but I am sure you've figured out what you really like so far, and what you don't like, if anything. Curious minds want to know. Hmmm, maybe putting an "s" on "minds" is stretching it a bit. ?

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I dropped the SX70 from my short list pretty quickly.  I wound up with a Sony RX-10 iv.  I decided the larger sensor and better resolution on the Sony outweighed the range of the P950.  I saved it as a Christmas present for myself and between work, a quick trip to my parents, and cloudy days last week, I haven't had much chance to get serious with it yet.

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