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Two ducks to ID SW PA Yesterday

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3 hours ago, Viurre said:

Which female scaup?

The scaup is an immature (eye color), but there is not certainty that it's a female. The development of adult-male-type plumage in immature males is exceedingly variable in timing and rapidity. Note that this immature male is still very female-like in April. In November, most have at least some trace of male plumage, but a sizable minority do not. The quality of the photo does not permit anything like certainty as to whether the seemingly paler scapulars are actually that and the result of incoming gray feathering with thin black barring or not. However, the bill pattern is like that of a female, with a much more extensive black tip than shown by even adult male Greaters. I suggest that this is an immature female and it strikes me as a Lesser, though I am unwilling to ID it with certainty given just this one photo.

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