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ID help: sparrow with white eye rings

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Distant photograph, in the rain, of a bird in an agricultural field.  There were about ten Savannah sparrows in the field with it, but this one looked different, so I snapped a few pics.  Raleigh, NC.  Nov. 11, 2020.

Grasshopper sparrow?  The dark line at the base of the neck is something I'm not seeing in any photos of sparrows online or in guide books.






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15 hours ago, Scott Mullens said:

dark line at the base of the neck

The down feathers (which are usually hidden by the contour feathers) are dark on most birds. This is why clear-breasted sparrows often show a nebulous, vague, or even distinct central breast spot, even though there are no dark markings on the contour feathers. They simply hold the two breast-feather tracts (right and left) in such a manner as to expose a bit of downy feathering.

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