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As someone with zero experience with stilts, I wouldn't know what one sounded like. I do not recognize the sound that you are asking an ID for, but I think that it is a reasonable guess that it is a stilt.

As a sound guy, I remember bird calls by comparisons. For example, American goldfinch, American Pipits, and Pine Grosbeaks are a group, since they all have similar pitched and rhythmic calls. However, the tone and nuances of the calls are different. Pipits have a higher pitched and snappier call in my mind, and the PIGR have piercing, drawn out calls. LALO has a call note like a cardinal's song. Carolina wrens call sounds like a frog. For this call, it is on the same level on the graph (can;t remember the technical name of that graph) as the other black-necked stilts (presumably, if that is what the main sounds in the recording are of), and has basically the same tonal quality. I would say that that call was made by a stilt. However, I could be completely wrong, and the sound could be coming from another bird I have no experience with that has a similar voice.

Also, birds are weird. Soooooo many times I have followed a song sparrow around, trying to figure out what species was making this weird sounding song, that was similar to a song sparrow's "typical" song. You can find a recording of a song sparrow on my eBird profile that I thought was particularly different and inventive. Youg birds are also a culprit of many weird sounds. I have had the pleasure of listening to a young robin learning to sing. It started "singing", and it sounded like something was dying. But, it started gradually changing little things over time, until, after about a minute, it sounded like any other robin was singing. For this sound, I think it is probably just a stint that is just doing a weird call.

So, that's my tangent for the day!

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