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3 Common goldeneyes?

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All are Commons, unless the orange-billed female is a hybrid, which is a distinct possibility. See https://cobirds.org/Publications/ColoradoBirds/InTheScope/16.pdf. The head coloration is the warmer, more-orange tone of Common, rather than the colder, darker-brown color of Barrow's. The head shape seems intermediate, but it's a young bird (eye not crisply golden as on the first female), and juvenile/immature diving ducks' head shapes are often funky, particularly when worn. If it were me and I were entering these birds into eBird, I'd go with 2 COGO and one Common/Barrow's Goldeneye, unless I had a lot more pix that included different postures and, preferably, open wing shots.

Edit: I'm changing my mind, somewhat. Immature female Barrow's should still have extensive dark on the bill, some still have wholly black bills in November. This must be a female, then, so the hybrid possibility jumps a fair bit higher in probability, in my mind.

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