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Birding by (Blurry) Silhouette

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12 Nov 2020 Baldwin co AL.  Large patch with cotton field, recently dug peanut field (peanuts still on ground), large manmade pond, a Grady pond, live oaks.  

Hi, All.   I still have trouble birding by silhouette when I can't see colors and features..  As usual, apologies for the poor pic quality--I see many birds on my morning work-out walks, but only take my phone with me. 

Since they are such poor quality, I am not cropping.  

1.  ?American White Pelican (middle, bottom of pic) ;  slow, graceful flight, close formation, black on wings.  I don't think they were Wood Storks, but...


2 & 3.  ?Double Crested Cormorant

4 & 5.  ?Cooper's Hawk



20201112_103806 - Copy.jpg

20201112_104112 - Copy.jpg

20201112_104510 - Copy.jpg

20201112_104532 - Copy.jpg

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I don't see a bird in the first photo; maybe crop and circle it?  (Crop? Circle?  Crop circle!  I made a funny!)

I think the two inversions could be cormorants; I see them standing around in groups on floating objects a lot in the winter   Double-crested are the likely ones but I wouldn't swear to it in court (or on eBird),  and I don't see how we can completely rule out Anhingas based solely on these photos.

I ain't touching the raptor.

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