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Help with a duck

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I saw this duck in a small salt pan at Odiorne Point State Park in Rye, NH on 11/14/2020. It was with a northern pintail. The yellowish bill is throwing me off. The white borders on the speculum say mallard, but I think this duck is too dark overall. Thanks for the help!!





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5 hours ago, Seanbirds said:

Pintail x Mallard

I agree with GWTE. Mallard would provide some genes that really ought to make the underside of the wing more extensively white and there would be some indication of those genes in the upperside wing pattern. The pointed tail does give me pause, though. While the base of the bill in GWTE is often paler in females (such as here), I do not recall seeing one this obviously yellow-billed, and I don't know what hybrid combo would get yellow onto the bill of a female GWTE, unless there are some Yellow-billed Teal genes floating around in North America.

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Thanks Tony. Good info. Yellow-billed teal is interesting... this bird certainly does look like one of those. I'll put something crazy up on eBird and see what happens!

I don't have any experience with looking for and IDing hybrid ducks. This is making me realize that duck ID isn't always cut and dry. 

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