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A female American Goldfinch. I was birding at a friend's yard trying to photograph an EAPH, and as I did it started jumping about 6 ft from me. She probably was attacked by another bird. I am going to contact a bird rehabber tomorrow. (the link in the What to do if you find an injured bird did not work for me.) The goldfinch was eating and drinking earlier and acts fine, but cannot fly.


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This African penguin at the Vancouver Aquarium is in fact the oldest not the youngest. Her last moult was unsuccessful, meaning she only has the undercoat. I had no idea that could happen. She's a staff favourite who is apparently really funny and likes to visit the office area to cheer them up.


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Today: the adult Bald Eagle that was a block and a half away from me, in my neighborhood, as I was driving to the park to look for the Marsh Wren again. (Which I did see today, for about 5 to 10 seconds, though not through binoculars.)

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