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13 hours ago, Connor Cochrane said:

A very rare from land Black-footed Albatross during a seawatch today. The winds were blowing onshore around 30mph, and one of these were following a fishing boat. 

Wow! I need to find a fishing boat! I would love to see one of those!

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1 minute ago, IKLland said:

I will look into it. Thanks for letting me know

Pelagic are one of my favorite parts of birding, I like to be out on the water. There were relatively few pelagics last year due to COVID, but there will probably be a good amount running this year. The only problem for you is the So Cal ones usually launch from the Ventura area, but I would highly suggest going on one. You'll get lots of lifers, and you'll get to know other people in the birding community. 

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The last couple days when I go out in the morning the windchill hovers near -30c....and the days have highs of around -16c. Though, it has been unseasonably warm up until this week so I shouldn’t complain.

I’m just glad we haven’t had a week like this yet (knock on wood)


Been looking pretty cool outside lately.. making it difficult though to refind the Harris’s Sparrow! 64AC8313-DBC3-41F4-9691-9898E16658E4.thumb.jpeg.1dad7f6d27017b59d00da9fab50e80c2.jpeg



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