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Your Best or Favorite Photo of a Bird Species.


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The Red-headed Woodpecker is my favorite woodpecker and I have been lucky to live in two States that have them as residence. The one below is from Florida and is from a place in Baker County, we go to fairly often if for no other reason than to get our Red-headed Woodpecker fix. Once in awhile we see Red-cockaded Woodpeckers there too.

I have only seen an Acorn Woodpecker in one place in Colorado and then only went there a few times as it was not close to home. I did manage a few decent shots of the bird.

027 (3).JPG


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12 hours ago, Bird Brain said:

Nice shot! I've never seen one on the ground before!

Thanks! That surprised me too, I saw a streak of color go by the window, looked out and there it was sitting on the ground pretty as you please. I was almost afraid to move in order to grab my camera but it didn't budge. 🙂

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