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Your Best or Favorite Photo of a Bird Species.


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Althought not my highest quality Mallard photo, this is my favorite.


I took this photo in the mountains between Los Alamos and Cuba, New Mexico, in a seemingly ephemeral puddle/pond (probably snowmelt) beside the gravel road, far from civilization. I don't usually see Mallards in such wild places, so I was pleasantly surprised to see what seems to be a "native." I also love the color of the iridescence on the head of this one.



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Hard to choose. As y'all said, they are pretty photogenic.

The first is a lovely drake, one of my first photos this year. The second and third are the same bird, a female from a week or so ago. I found her at a nearby fish hatchery. She appeared either dazed or injured. I left for a few minutes, and when I returned she was gone. I love how you can see the algae growing on her feathers, creating that greenish reflection in the first shot of her.




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