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3 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

So hard to choose!  I went with this one because of the pretty green foliage.  We have friendly nuthatches here so it's not too hard to get photos of them.

White-breasted Nuthatch


I do too! yet I still don't have amazing photos of them

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How it Started:  Oh look.  What a cute little bird.  Oh it's so funny how it climbs down trees upside down, and makes monkey-like sounds.  So cuddly.

How it's Going:  "I'm gonna gut you punk."  "Not if I gut you first."  


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3 minutes ago, Jerry Friedman said:

Don't leave us in suspense!  Did he catch it?

Unfortunately not. He flew out of the frame so I didn't see it and wouldn't have caught the moment if it did happened, but the peanut was there on the ground when I took my eye from the viewfinder. 

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