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How about a Meadowlark sitting on a Deers' head?\

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I'm lucky if I see a Bald Eagle once or twice a year, and I get photos even less often. This photo was taken from one of the Botanical Garden parking lots approx 10 years ago. After lugging my camera gear along the trails to get long distance blurry photos of the first Bald Eagles to establish a nest along the north shore of Lake Ontario in decades, and then lugging it all back to the car, we were graced with this flyby just before I we got back in the car. The visual in my head is far superior to the image I captured with the camera.


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Surprised I don’t have too many photos of them either. There’s a local pair at my cabin that has a nest not too far away. 

Had one (either this one or its mate) that  was always one of the first birds I saw in the morning as he was always in the same ponderosa pine at the same time. I like to think he was waiting to see me as he would normally fly away across the lake a few minutes after I saw him. 

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